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8.0 Accepting Unsolicited Donations

In the event that an agency receives an unsolicited donation, in-kind and/or financial, the agency must take these steps.

  1. The recipient must immediately notify OPGS.
  2. If the donation is in-kind, the donation must be placed in a secure area until the donation has been approved.
  3. If the donation is financial, the recipient agency must immediately forward a copy of the unsolicited checks to OPGS.
  4. The same guidelines outlined above must be followed before an unsolicited donation can be accepted, and approved.
  5. Until the donation receives approval and Legal Sufficiency, the donation cannot be used.
  6. Once OPGS authorizes the donation, the donation may be put to use, or in the case of a financial donation, the check will be deposited into the appropriate account established by the recipient’s AFO.