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5.0 Requesting the Legal Sufficiency Review

Each applicant seeking authority from OPGS to solicit, accept, or use a donation must obtain legal sufficiency from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).  The legal sufficiency review applies to all donations whether solicited or unsolicited, and regardless of their value.  The AAD form serves as the initial request to OAG for a legal sufficiency review.  The legal sufficiency review requires a detailed written description of the applicant’s donation request, so please ensure that the Donation Description section of the AAD provides a complete and detailed description of the donation.  Note that the AAD form that is submitted on-line is also sent to OAG.  However, in some cases, OAG may ask for more details from the applicant to complete its legal review.

The main actions to complete the legal sufficiency review are:

  • Applicant provides detailed information about donation request on the AAD Form
  • OAG reviews AAD form to determine whether the donation is for an authorized government function
  • OAG determines if there are conflict of interest
  • OAG provides Legal Sufficiency to applicant

The legal review process should take no longer than 5 business days from the date the application and supporting information are submitted.  Quickbase notifies the applicant once the legal sufficiency review has been completed.  Quickbase will generate two messages, an approval and disapproval (see below).

Approval Notice

Approval Notice Screen Capture


Disapproval Notice

Disapproval Notice Screen Capture