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4.0 Completing the AAD Short Form for Donations of $1,000 or Less

The AAD Short Form is designed to streamline the review of an applicant’s request for authorization to solicit, accept, and/or use donations valued at up to $1,000.   The short form is typically associated with donated goods or services but may also apply to financial donations.  These types of donations must comply with the Rules of Conduct Governing Donations to the District Government.  The short form has five sections: agency information, donor information, donation description, donations rules, and signature line.

Section 1.  District Agency Information

This section requests information about the applicant’s official representatives including the director, and project manager for the donation.  All data fields within this section must be completed.  Each agency must identify the project manager; this person will be responsible for answering questions about the donation.

District Agency Information Screen Capture

Section 2.  Donor Source Identification

This section requests information about the prospective donor, including the donor name and/or official representative, and related contact data.  The applicant must complete all data fields.  In some cases, the applicant has not yet identified the donor when this application is being completed.  In such cases, the applicant must, to the best of his/her knowledge input a potential (s) donor.  However, failure to submit the required data in a timely manner could result in the denial to solicit or accept the proposed donation.

Donor Source ID Screen Capture

Section 3.  Donation Information

This section requests information on the type of donation, a brief description of the proposed donation, related data including the estimated or actual value, and how the donation would be used to support the government’s authorized purpose.  The applicant must complete all data fields within this section.  Use the text box to provide details about the donation. A full explanation of the proposed donation is essential to the legal sufficiency review conducted by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

Donation Description Screen Capture

Section 4.  Acknowledgement of Donation Rules and Conditions

This section confirms that the applicant and prospective donor are aware of the Rules of Conduct Governing Donations to the District Government.  The applicant is required to review and comply with those rules and procedures.  The applicant must complete all data fields within this section.  This data assists OPGS and OAG to determine if the proposed donation would create an appearance or actual conflict of interest for the District government.

Donation Rules 2 Screen Capture

Section 5.  Signature Line of the Applicant

This section requires the applicant to certify that the information provided in the AAD is accurate and complete.  The applicant must provide his or her name, title, and date in the requested data fields and must check the official signature box to insert his or her signature.  Once this form is completed, please check submit and click save to forward the application to OPGS.

Signature Page 2 Screen Capture