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2.0 Accessing the Online Application to Approve Donations (AAD) Form

The on-line Application to Approve Donations (AAD) form is submitted via OPGS’ Donations Management System. To access the Donations Management System go to octo.quickbase.com.  Note that in order to access the Donations Management System one must have attended a Donations Training; if you require access to the Donations Management System and did not attend a training, contact the Donations Manager.

Sign In Page Screenshoot

Quickbase Login Page

Once at the Quickbase login page, use your District Government user name and password to log in, for example:

Once logged in, you will be directed to the My Quickbase welcome page.  The My Quickbase page may contain several applications, depending on your level of access.  For the purpose of the donations process, you will click on the Office of Partnerships and Grant Services (OPGS) Donations Icon (see the below illustration).

My QuickBase Screenshot

After clicking on the donations icon, you will be directed to your personalized donations database page.  In addition to submitting the donation application, this new database page as allows you to create reports, track the status of your application, and upload documents.  For the purposes of the handbook, the following information will concentrate on submitting the donation application.

The images below show what the database page looks like.  If you are an agency, in the top right there are two links, one for New Donation Application Over $1,000 and another for New Donation Application Under $1,000.

Agency/DCPS Donations Application Screenshoot

After clicking on the new donation link, you will see a page that displays the application that you have submitted in the past, you can always refer back to this page to check on the status of your application or update the application.  On the top right of the page, there is a link, Add a New Donation; click there to begin the application process.

Add Donations Page Screenshoot

In the next screen (see below), select DC Agency, which will generate the information required for the application.

Select Agency Page Screenshot